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   Rubber Rollers Manufacturer

We are the Chief Manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Rubber Rollers .Our Branch is located in Ahmedabad, we have achieved success within short time span in our business by providing best quality Rubber Rollers in all region of India. Our aim is to offer best quality, durable Rubber Rollers Manufacturer, we also pay attention to all necessity of business and Industry by truly understanding each needs of client and make effort to convey them best product for multiple usage .Our quality and Timely delivery has make huge number of clients circle.

Our maxim is to give best quality rubber rollers to customers and satisfy their requirements of Rubber Rollers Manufacturer at industrial level and business level. We are in this field from many years of manufacturing and supplying to different industries for rubber rollers such as  Ebonite Roller, Chill Roller, Heat Transfer Roller, Cooling Roller. Our  Engineers work hard for designs and manufacture the most difficult rollers design sets  Rubber rollers for best performance  which saves times, work faster, waste less, huge production, smooth functioning.

Rubber Rollers Manufacturer offers a unique design , Texture, stability, durability  specifically customized to end user application .Rubber Roller Manufacturer focus on producing high quality Rubber Roller to our customers for smooth performance, longer service life and reduce maintenance expenses. We work persistently to sustain our product quality, reliability, service support to meet the constantly diverse operating demands of the industry and clients and also to maintain reputation in the market of our roller.

Advance Rubber Rollers  are widely used in Textile industries in Rotary machine, Machine, Jigger, Dyeing, Calender, Flat Bed machine, Mangle, Mercerize, Shopper, Loop Machines, etc. The Rollers are also used in Plastic Industries, Paper Industries, Leather Industries, Plywood Industries, etc.To accomplish the requisite of our valuable client, professional, skilled worker, labours , all make efforts and utilized superior quality material for Rubber Roller to make “The  Best from the rest”.

Further our rollers are well designed in observance to meets the needs of the clients and are available at affordable prices so any shopper can procure it. We obtain trust of Customers by offering rubber roller of consistency, reliable products(rollers) in the market. We offer best quality Rubber Rollers Manufacturer in various sizes, shapes, form which is appropriate for handling of delicate films without damage , wrinkle removing process, printing, Textile, water supply ,side sealing, bottom cutting machine etc. Hard chrome plated rolls, chill rolls, ebonite  covered, Nitrile etc covered for all types of length ,sizes of Rubber Roller is available at Advance Rubber Roller Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter to different cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab etc.


High velocity air blower for fast dying

Good quality electronic   input drives, motors, tension control system etc.

Heavy duty side  M.S. steel walls to make sure pulsation free running at high speed.

Auto tension control

Quality control in manufacturing  for years of maintenance free





What is Rubber Roller?

Rubber Roller is a Roll or Roller Covered with rubber or an elastic material covering the metal or other material as it is covered is good conduction to heat, water,corossion resistance also has a higher electrical property that provides brilliant conflict to heat,ozone and moisture,Rubber and hard chrome plated Rolls/Roller  Hard, non-porous plane resists pinholes and premature failures, this rubber roller is checked on a variety of quality measures in order to contribute a perfect range. We offer this rubber roller in an assortment of stipulation for our clients as per their requirement. 

Our offered range of specialized rubber roller available for all kinds of application different types of rubber coated rollers manufactured from high grade material under the supervision of expert. Printing rubber roller, textile rubber roller, re-covering rubber roller, precision rollers and industrial Rubber Roller from many years. With the customers admiration and success we serve by supplying Packaging, Converting, Textile, Foil, paper, Lamination, leather, Plastic, metal, leather industry uses this type of Rubber Roller.


Advantages  of Rubber Roller

  • Rubber Coated Roller is  good resistance to heat, corossion, electrical power
  • Durablilty, High efficiency, Operational safety.
  • Low maintenance, rust, dust resistance with compound quality.
  • Ease of mechanization and automation, easy to install in machinery.
  • Rubber  Moulded  Roller are widely used in Textile, Automative, Mechanical, factories,Motorized industry etc
  • Rubber Gasket, Rubber Bushes, Rubber O-rings, rubber seals are used for multiple purposes


Characteristic of Rubber Roller

It has many extraordinary uses

Challenging to chemical substances that protects roller core and shaft

Prevents damage caused by scratching, heat, water

speedily return to its original shape

Compensates for small changes in machine

Hard chrome Plated Roll
Industrial Rubber Roll
PU Coated Roll
Rubber Covered Roller
Polyurethane Costing Roller

Cooling Roll

Cooling RollsCooling Roll which used to cool the surrounding area. Our rolls are made under the supervision of professional experts and are tested on different bases before putting into the market.For its defect free functionality, it is several times tested to make your work trouble free, it is available at specified times and at competitive prices.This cooling Rolls are widely used in industries for cooling purpose this rolls have hard chrome plated surface as cooling water passing through its rotary joints to cools the hard chrome plated surface area of the roll cooling roll cools the contact area that touches the web material or rubber roll.Also it is available in different types as single shaft, double shaft, jacketed type, spiral type surface cooling rolls effect will be of different types this cooling roll having shaft with inside hole to fix rotary joint its bigger shaft diameter is for avoiding breakage of end shaft with inside hole in end shaft.

Advance Rubber Roller is Prime Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Gujarat, India of different rubber roller such as Rubber Idler Roller, PU Rollers, Silicone Roller, Packaging
 Rubber Rollers Manufacturer, Heat Transfer Roller, Chill Roll, industrial rubber roller etc . Our aim is to satisfy the requirement of client to meet the unmatched needs to improve roll performance, and reduce maintenance cost . We constantly work best to refine our products, service , to support various condition of different industry


  • Scratch resistance
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable price

 Chill Roller

chill rollerWe are foremost in offering an admirable range of Chill Roller are mostly required in various industries for meeting diverse application.The offer chilling Roller is used to facilitate a specific process of proper cooling. Furthermore, we offer this chilling roller in varied specifications in order to accommodate client’s flecked requirements. Our esteemed clients can avail this chilling roller from us in a promised time at aggressive rates.Due to vast knowledge and experience in this field of manufacturing of chilling Rollers of high grade quality chill rolls and heat transfer rolls large process roller.

The providing Chilling Roller is used to facilitate a specific process of web handling of substrates that require suitable cooling also we offer this cooling roller in varied specification as it is easy to install, fine finish, abrasion resistance .We are involved in providing best quality Chilling Roller with hard chrome plated surface as water passing through its rotary joints to cool the hard chrome plated surface area of the roll chilling roll cools the contact area that touches the web material.

There are different types of chilling rolls like single shell, double shell, spiral type, Jacketed type the surface will be of different types having shaft with inside hole to fix rotary joints as bigger shaft diameter is recommended to avoid breakage of end shaft having inside hole with mirror polish cooling rolls , met finish surface, chrome surface as per clients requirements our chilling roll are avail in the market at economical price.

Application of Rubber Roller


Textile Industry Printing and press Stationery Industry
Paper and Steel Industry Machinery industry chemical Industry


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Uses Of Rubber Roller

  • For increasing the amount of covering
  • To soft out, remove wrinkles in plastic films and papers.
  • To prevent a belt slipping and meandering
  • To print on plastics.
  • To assist the heat liberate from rubber rollers.
  • To concern softness of rubber rollers.
  • To maintain the coefficient of friction.
  • For improveing contact constancy with papers or plastic films.


Industrial Rubber Roller

Industrial rubber roll

This roller is checked on various quality parameters in order to supply a perfect range of Industrial Rubber Roller our provided roller is designed using top notch material and main techniques to sets with industrial standards. We offer this roller in various order to our customer as per their requirement.It is also with longer working life,chemical resistance, High pressure capacity.Our Technicians, skilled engineers focuses on manufacturing durable and good quality Industrial Rubber Roller to meets the various demand of client .Marketing department make search of different trends of the market most useful Industrial Rubber Roller in the market and its demand.


Rubber Covered Roller

Rubber Coated RollWith a remarkable position in this field we bring forward an exclusive range of Rubber Covered Roller to maintain the quality standard of our product .It is manufactured using optimum quality raw material extensively available in various designs, reliable operation, durability features .our offered range is very popular in the market.We manufactured Rubber Covered Roller using high grade material and new technology also offer this product according to clients requirement and industrial needs. Our respected client can avail this roller from us in a committed time at reasonable rates. Whole processing in our organization is executed by the team professional who supervise for quality and durability of product.


hard chrome plated RollFormulated rubber compound for the printing industry, providing an excellent resistance to solvent base ink, oil, pressure chemical and heat with the best of its physical properties it is most ideal flexo gravure rubber rollers printing application with good productivity between re-grinding. We are capable of providing our client with a comprehensive collection of Rubber Roller, PU coated is also known for its reliability, durability, sturdy design, accuracy for adverse environmental condition , our roller is used in various industries like steel, textile, paper, plastic, printing.


chrome Plated Roll

Rubber Roller Manufacturer offers coated with high grade Rubber is used for printing, paper, coating, plastic, textile, carpets industries.With Rubber finished diameter, abrasion resistant, chemical and heat resistant thickness, Rubber hardness ,length of roll is shaft diameters , fixed shaft,length of the roll with both side shaft, bearing sizes, etc. This Rubber Roll is best desired application is necessary for in Pressure Roll, Squeeze Roll, Guide Roll, Nip Roll etc.We are the leading Rubber Roller Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Rubber Roller, Rubber Rings, Rubber Bushing, Gasket, Rubber O-rings, Rubber seals is widely used in Automotive industry, Fabric, Textile, pipesfitting, is with different dimension.


neoprene rubber roller

Roll Manufacturers by us is Known for high quality performance, reliability using finest grade rubber.Raw-material is procure from reputed vendors for manufacturing rollers of different sizes, shapes, to facilitate by providing all types of Rollers.This roller is PU Coated , is known for dimensional accuracy, reliablity, durablity, application in various industries like steel, paper, plastic, textile, printing .Our wide range of products includes Rubber Rollers, Hard-Chrome Plated Rollers, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Sleeves and Rubber Moulded Items. We also serve to many industries such as textile industries ,fabric industries, Stentor Machine, Rotary Machine, Jigger, Dyeing, Calender, Flat Bed machine, Mangle, Mercerize, Shopper, Loop Machines, etc. The Rollers are also used in Plastic Industries, Paper Industries, Leather Industries, Plywood Industries, etc.


Polyuretahne costing Roller

Rubber Roller Manufacturer uses high quality material which is non-porous to retain moisture easily washable with detergent and water. Nitrile, EPDM,Neoprene, SILICON, Viton, Natural Rubber with good durablity and corossion resistance coated on rolls, crack resistance, high strength ,thickness is 2mm to 6mm and temperature 60deg C to 250 deg C. We are one of the trusted manufacturer we serve in domestic and international market Advanced Rubber Roller motto is to provide our clients zero defects range of products and to earn clients satisfaction also provide as per their requirement.



Web spread Roll

Web Spreading System supplier

Web spread Roll is used for removing wrinkles and can separate slit width to prevent interleaving it can be stretched to a preset amount. The web spreader Roll is manufacture of superior quality material and well tested before putting into the market for better functionality.

Web spreader  Roll is more demanding by our client due to its durability, long lasting effect, and various uses.also we provide this Web spread Roll at genuine price with  years of experience in this field we manufacture quality product to maintain consistency with customers and product.Our product is passed through various steps of Quality assurance and severally  checked on various basis before putting into the market. For any information or query our support team is there for your  any question to solve it.