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We are the Leading Manufacturer and supplier of good quality Rubber rollers. Such as Elastomer Cover For Roll, Ebonite Roll, Chill Roll, Heat Transfer Roll, Cooling Rolls, Hard Chrome Plated Roll, Hard Chrome Plating Roll, Chrome Plated Roll, Web Spreading Roller, Web Spreading System. To fulfill the requirement of our valuable client our professional and skilled worker, and team member and supporting staff team make efforts and  utilize superior machinery and  quality equipments. Further our rollers are well designed in adherence to meets the needs of the clients and are available at affordable prices so any customer can purchased it. We also maintain  trust of Customers and consistency of reliable products(rollers) in the market Rubber Roller offered is made available by  Customers in different forms ,choices and is suitable for handling of delicate films without damage , wrinkle removing process. We offer best quality Rolls in various sizes, shapes, form also rubber coated is with special features such as side sealing, bottom cutting  machine , Hard chrome plated rolls, chill rolls, ebonite  covered,Nitrile etc covered for all types of length ,sizes of Rubber Roller is available at Advance Rubber Roller.


Our Branch is located in Ahmedabad, we have achieved  success within short time span in our business by providing best quality Rubber Rollers in all region of India. Our aim is to provide best quality, durable Rubber Rollers, we also pay attention to all requirement of business and Industry by truly understanding each needs of client and make effort to deliver them best product for multiple usage .Our quality and Timely delivery has make huge number of clients circle which involved experienced manpower, quality products, at reasonable price, well structured infrastructure. Our Rubber Rollers  are exported to different cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab etc major cities of India. 


Advance  Rubber Rollers are widely used in Textile industries in Rotary machine, Machine, Jigger, Dyeing, Calender, Flat Bed machine, Mangle, Mercerize, Shopper, Loop Machines, etc. The Rollers are also used in Plastic Industries, Paper Industries, Leather Industries, Plywood Industries, etc.Our  Team  members  includes Quality controller, hi-tech machinery and equipments, R&D department.Our motto is to give best quality rubber rollers to customers and satisfy their requirements of Rubber Roller at industrial level and  Business level. We are in this field from many years manufacturing and engaged in serving different industries for supplying rubber rollers Ebonite Roller, Chill Roller, Heat Transfer Roller, Cooling Roller.Our  Engineers work hard for designs and manufacture the most difficult rollers design sets  Rubber rollers will gives you rollers which saves times, work faster, waste less, and give better result  and faultlessly .







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Rubber  Roller offers an  unparalleled  products and assessment intension when it comes to products and services  specifically tailored to end user application .Rubber Roller Manufacturer focus on producing high quality Rubber Roller to our customers  for performance and reduce maintenance expenses. We work constantly  to maintain  our product quality , reliability, service support to meet the constantly diverse operating demands of the industry  and clients.


Rubber Roller  Manufacturer offers coated with high grade Rubber is used for  printing, paper, coating, plastic, textile, carpets industries.With Rubber finished diameter, abrasion resistant, chemical and heat resistant thickness, Rubber  hardness ,length of roll is shaft diameters , fixed shaft,length of the roll with both side shaft, bearing sizes, etc. This Rubber Roll is best desired application is necessary for  in Pressure Roll, Squeeze Roll, Guide Roll, Nip Roll etc.

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Elastomer Cover For Roller


Rubber Roller Manufacturer  uses high quality material  which is non-porous to retain moisture easily washable with detergent and water. Nitrile, EPDM,Neoprene, SILICON, Viton, Natural Rubber with good durablity and corossion resistance coated on rolls, crack resistance, high strength ,thickness is 2mm to 6mm  and temperature 60deg C to 250 deg C. We are one of the trusted manufacturer we serve in domestic and international market Advanced Rubber Roller motto is to provide our clients zero defects range of products and to earn clients satisfaction also provide as per their requirement.


Our   wide range of products includes   Rubber Rollers, Hard-Chrome Plated Rollers, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Sleeves and Rubber Moulded Items.  We also serve to many industries such as textile industries ,fabric industries,  Stentor Machine, Rotary Machine, Jigger, Dyeing, Calender, Flat Bed machine, Mangle, Mercerize, Shopper, Loop Machines, etc. The Rollers are also used in Plastic Industries, Paper Industries, Leather Industries, Plywood Industries, etc.


Rubber Rollers and Rubber Roll Manufacturers by us is Known for high quality performance, reliability using finest grade rubber.Raw-material is procure from reputed vendors for manufacturing rollers of different sizes, shapes, to facilitate by providing all types of Rollers.This roller is PU Coated , is known for dimensional accuracy, reliablity, durablity, application in various industries like steel, paper, plastic, textile, printing .


  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Textile Machinery
  • Xerox Machines
  • Printing Press
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining
  • Paper Industry


  • Size range: 25 mm to 600 mm
  • Length of shafts: 12 Inches to 2.5 mtrs long shafts
  • Material: Rubber
  • Thickness: 2mm-6mm
  • Temperature: -60°C to 250°C

Chill Roll

There are different types of Cooling Rolls like spiral, type, double shell, single shell, jacketed type .Its properties also include typical hard chrome surface, super mirror finish, and mirror polish cooling rolls are available at a very appropriate price as per the requirement of the client.Chill Rolls are double poured duplex roll is hardest best material on working surface which is primarily made of Cr-Ni-Mo alloyed chill cast iron as soft material inside. Rolls are manufactured for flats, squares, round, hexagon, from steel and tmt bars.These make admirable work rolls for two, three and four-high mills,turning out of elevated grade ferrous and non-ferrous sheet and strip or section.High Alloy Clear Chill Rolls have proved well suited for the ultimate stand of rod and light section mills, for continuous small and medium hot strip mills, and for strip mills of older design.


  • Well-built
  • Elevated strength
  • Oxidization proof
  • High Strength
  • Dynamic
  • Wear-resistant
  • Well-built
  • Elevated strength
  • Oxidization proof

Chrome Plated Rolls

We are one of the renowned manufacturer,Exporter, supplier of Chrome Plated Roller used in shipping,building construction,road construction Chrome Plated Roller are made using high quality alloy steel are smooth edges, superior surface strength long functional life our chrome Plated Roller is with material handling units is used in  heavy engineering companies.Chrome Plated Rolls for various applications in paper machines and rewinders Rolls made from mild steel seamless pipes dynamically balanced as per required RPM maximum face width upto 3600 mm. Chrome Plated Roll Diameter is  of  25 mm-500 mm, Length of 300 mm-3000 mm, Capacity  of 25 mm-500 mm


  • Automobiles
  • Mechanical Engineering


  • Anti corrosive
  • Resistant against all kinds of acids
  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Rugged design
  • Rust free
  • Unmatched quality

Our Domestic Market of Rubber Rollers

Rubber Roller Exporter in Mumbai
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Rubber Roller Exporter in Hyderabad
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Rubber Roller Exporter in Jabalpur
Rubber Roller Exporter in Nagpur
Rubber Roller Exporter in Allahabad
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Our International Market of Rubber Rollers

Rubber Roller Exporter in India
Rubber Roller Exporter in Australia
Rubber Roller Exporter in America
Rubber Roller Exporter in Africa
Rubber Roller Exporter in Malaysia
Rubber Roller Exporter in Canada
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Rubber Roller Exporter in Turkey
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Rubber Roller Exporter in Romania
Rubber Roller Exporter in France
Rubber Roller Exporter in Germany
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Cooling Roll

Cooling Roll which used to cool the  surrounding  area. Our rolls are made under the supervision of professional experts  and are tested on  different bases before putting  into the market.For its  defect free functionality, it is several times tested to make your work trouble free, it is available at specified times and at competitive prices.This cooling Rolls are widely used in industries for cooling purpose this rolls have hard  chrome plated surface as cooling water passing through its rotary joints to cools the hard chrome plated surface area of the roll cooling roll cools the contact area that touches the web material or rubber roll.


Application :


Also it is available in different types as single shaft, double shaft, jacketed type, spiral type  surface cooling rolls effect will be of different types this cooling roll  having shaft with inside hole to fix rotary joint its bigger shaft diameter is for avoiding breakage of end shaft with inside hole in end shaft.

Advance Rubber Roller is Prime Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Gujarat, India of different rubber roller such as   Rubber Idler Roller, PU Rollers, Silicone Roller, Packaging Rubber Roller, Heat Transfer Roller, Chill Roll, industrial rubber roller etc .  Our aim is to satisfy the requirement of client to meet the unmatched needs to improve roll performance, and reduce maintenance cost . We constantly work best to   refine our products, service , to support various condition of different industry


  • Scratch resistance
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable price
Chill roll supplier

Chill Roller

We are foremost in offering an admirable range of Chill Roller are mostly required in various industries for meeting diverse application.The offer chilling Roller is used to facilitate a specific process of proper cooling. Furthermore, we offer this chilling roller in varied specifications in order to accommodate  client’s   flecked requirements. Our esteemed clients can avail this chilling roller from us in a promised time at aggressive rates.Due to vast knowledge and experience in this field of manufacturing of chilling Rollers of high grade quality chill rolls and heat transfer rolls large process roller.

The providing Chilling Roller is used to facilitate a specific process of web handling of  substrates  that require suitable  cooling also we offer this cooling roller in varied specification as it is easy to install, fine finish, abrasion  resistance .We are  involved in providing best quality Chilling Roller with hard chrome plated surface as water passing through its rotary joints to cool the hard chrome plated surface area of the roll  chilling roll cools the contact area that touches the web material.

There are different types of chilling rolls like single shell, double shell, spiral type, Jacketed  type the surface will be of different types having shaft with inside hole to fix rotary joints as  bigger shaft diameter is recommended to avoid  breakage of end shaft having inside hole with mirror polish cooling rolls , met finish surface, chrome surface  as per clients  requirements our chilling roll are avail in the market at  economical  price.

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