Bowed Rubber Roller

We are the primary manufacturer of Bowed Rubber Rollers from the other manufacturer in the market. Bowed Rubber Rollers is known for banana rolls, spreader rolls, curve rubber expander used for reduce slack ends, wrinkles, spreading and slit separation these are also used in textile, plastic, paper, printing, laminating industries, coating batching and re-winding. Applications before winding, before coating, before slitting, after slitting for slit separation. Rubber covered for scuff resistance, high-speed applications, base mounting or projection mounting.

Our range is tested by quality controller supervisor and make sure that it fulfill the requirement of industrial standards and norms. Bowed Rubber Roller  is used in textile industries for web material spreading uniformly in order to  avoid  interweaving  of material also to remove wrinkles, creases . For Slitting operation is suitable for many  application. Bowed rollers also known as banana rollers or spreader rollers are used in the paper, film, foil, and textile industries.

Bowed Rubber Roller are  useful for removing of wrinkles, slack edges, spreading and slit separation. This Roller is used for converting of paper, foils, plastic tyre cord ,textile Before coating, slitting, after slitting separation is rubber covered for heat resistance ,abrasion, high speed application, foot mounting or Flange mounting. Bow rolls are known as banana rolls, spreader rolls, curve rubber expander  most of the expander rolls are driven by web tension itself without any extra drive. These are used in textile dealing out machines, plastic converting machines, paper industries, in manufacturing, processing, printing, laminating, coating, batching, winding and re-winding. Further, our series is quality tested in order to make sure that these meet the domestic industrial standards.

Types  of Roll

  • Banana Roll
  • Bow Roll
  • Spreader Roll
  • Curve Bar Expander
  • Mount Hope type Roll
  • Camber Roll
  • Metallic Bow Roll


  • High speed
  • Metallic bow rolls
  • Graze resistance
  • Hard chrome plated


Bowed Spreader Rubber Roller

We are prominent manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Spreader Roll, Bowed Roll,Curve bar  expander, wrinkle removing rolls is available in hard chrome surface, rubber surface in fluoro polymer covering for non stickiness.When the Roll get highest wrinkle removing stop the bow angle adjusting and put the roll on bow locked position, so not do  any change in the bow location. On Roll shaft bow position indication with arrows appearance the bowed position of the Roll.

Bowed Spreader Rubber Roller to help remove wrinkles,separate slits, widen webs this spreader roller can be manufactured in both live and dead shaft designs are available in single, double, quad, six groove configuration to match your industrial needs and application. We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying a wide range of Bow expander roller durable finish, optimum strength, high tensile strength.

Bowed Rolls offered by Rubber Roller is in quality structure finish and support weight of efficiently performing defined industry oriented functions. These Bow rolls also provided in metal finish so as to offer for use in high-speed paper slitter re-winders. Some of its texture include the demands of wrinkle removing and post slitting to separate slits come in heavy weight finish. Extra pulley support for driving metal expander roll support efficient removal of wrinkles from Textile Processing machines like Bleaching machines, Calendars, Dyeing, Drying Ranges, Bow weft straightener have more abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance due to presence of Rubber Sleeves


  • Scratch resistance
  • Chemical conflict
  •  High competence
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Separate slit
  • Eliminate baggy center
  • Control slack edges
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance