We are working to offer a wide range of cooling rolls. The contact region that encounters the web materials or rubber rolls is cooled by a cooling roll.

We are actively engaged in manufacturing Cooling Rolls with our vast experience at industrial levels. We offer varied shell jacketed type, Spiral type, Single shell, etc. We manufacture Cooling Rolls which used to cool the surrounding area. Our rolls are made under the supervision of professional experts and are tested on different bases before putting into the market. For its defect free functionality, it is several times tested to make your work trouble free, it is available at specified times and at competitive prices. It has hard chrome plated surface, there are different type of them like single shell, spiral type, jacketed type, double shell  as cooled water passing through its rotary joints to cools hard chrome plated surface area of the roll. Cooling roll cools the contact area that touches web material or rubber rolls.

Cooling Rolls suppliers

Cooling roll having shaft inside hole to fix rotary joints as end shaft is having inside hole is of bigger diameter to avoid breakage. There are different types of cooling rolls are available in size, shape, durability, qualitative material, longer service life, high strength, for smooth performance and more cooling purpose also used for multiple purpose is used in industries, factories, water supply, other water related work.

Cooling Rolls Features:

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