Rubber Coated Wheels

Rubber is one of the most in-demand materials by Advance Rubtech as it is capable of delivering excellent benefits in numerous industrial applications and can be created as per the specifications mentioned by our valuable clients for their wheels. Due to its outstanding flexibility, insulation and abrasion properties, rubber is widely used as a coating material over wheels for safety. Depending on the industry and its application, it can be called with different names – Rubber Pulley, Rubber Coated Wheel, Friction Rollers, Rubber Pulley Wheel, etc. The selection of metal and rubber are the prime important factor for any application usage. We make use of SS, Aluminium, CI, Fiber, etc to make the core of the wheel bonded with special adhesives to ensure good bonding for a longer time. We specialize in offering a qualitative range of Rubber Coated Wheels which is further designed and developed by dexterous engineers by checking floor conditions, load weight and other such confirmation with the highest quality and guidelines.

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