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We are the actively engaged in offering Urethane Coating Roller manufacturer, and suppliers of this roller as it is high scratch resistance appropriateness  to varied   finishing with metal surface available in varied hardness as per customer’s needs. Its features also includes sheet steel vulcanized with scrap resistance polyurethane. Urethane Coating Roller is also available in customized   shapes such as spiral, radial and grooved surface, its application  area with vibro finishing bowls, and barrels and drums , pipe linings, chute and hopper lining, ball mills lining.

Our technicians and engineers manufacture it using superior quality material and under the vigilance of quality controller for the best performance and faultless working of this roller.


Urethane Roller Features:

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  • High temperature resistance
  • Good design
  • Easy to use
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  • Metallic Rubber Coated
  • High Strength
  • Long Lasting Effect
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Urethane Rollers

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We offer our client better quality of rollers for our reputation in the market and once customers uses quality product they will demand same roller from us. Urethane Rollers are made using fine material and severally tested on different parameters by quality controller.

Our Urethane Rollers are fine designed and available in diversified shapes and sizes, colours as per the requirement of the clients, it is well known in the market due to their reliability and durability, consistency.



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  • Highly demanded
  • Quality approved
  • Consistent
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  • Compact Size
  • Long Lasting effect
  • Urethane material Used
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Urethane Coated Roller

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We are the leading manufacturer and suppliers of large range of Urethane Coated Roller it is manufactured using superior quality of material and under the vigilance of quality controller. Our rollers are in more demand due to its efficiency, flexibility and durability. Any size and shape Rollers can be custom molded with any diameter our in-house machine shop gives us the capability of fabricating new rollers or recuperating existing rollers

Urethane coated roller can clutch or take weight up to four times more than rubber and they offer wear and cut confrontation in oily or wet environment. This is the great solution for high-stress application such as load wheels conveyors, drive and idler pulleys.



  • Scratch resistance
  • Flawless finish
  • Chemical resistance
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